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Healing Properties of Stones

Find your stone in the alphabetized list below for more details!

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A list

Abalone Shell

Abalone shell is regarded highly in many cultures as sacred. This shell carries the healing energies of protection and emotional balance. Abalone will form a natural shield of tranquility and flow, clearing out negativity and fortifying health on all levels. It will sooth and calm emotional strife and help you build better relationships with the self and others. Its iridescent layers bestow wisdom and depth. Abalone is highly creative and intuitive, it will grant deeper insight. Abalone creates an ideal mixture of serenity and strength on all levels. Use Abalone when looking for emotional perspective, connection, balance, and wisdom. Abalone will connect you to your intuition and assist you in expressing your authentic self and harmoniously connect you to a supportive community.


Agate is a crystal of stability. Agate will sooth and ground, bringing emotional, mental, physical, and the intellectual bodies into balance. Agate brings strength and resolve to its wearer and will help dissolve blockages by bring hidden information to the surface to be lovingly seen and processed. Very helpful in self-analysis so that one can see circumstances that are interfering with personal well-being. Facilitates acceptance of self, building confidence, overcoming negativity, and bitterness of the heart. Foster love and learn to dissolve tension, grow spiritually, and nurture inner stability with Agate! A calming stone, Agate works slowly so wear as often as possible and watch the benefits unfold!


Calming, soothing, protective. Amazonite is a powerful purifying stone, filtering out electromagnetic pollution and what does not serve. Brings balance between information and intuition. Calms the nervous system and restores balance in the body, mind, and emotions. Stimulates all forms of creativity. Supportive in helping gain control of own destiny, soothes and heals emotional traumas. Dispels worry, fear, and negativity and is beneficial in deepening all stages of awareness. Works to open the heart, throat, and third eye chakras. Promotes loving communication and enhances intuition. Dissolves negative energy blockages. This stone brings forth your truth with balanced, soothing, and harmonic authenticity!


Amethyst brings healing energy at the level and needs of its wearer so it is an excellent first-time stone. Amethyst brings serenity and enhances higher states of consciousness by transmuting lower vibrations into love. A stone to sooth frayed nerves. Excellent stone for children as it helps with focus, dispelling fear, and calming hyperactivity. Overcome addictions and blockages of all kinds! Extremely beneficial to the mind, it will help calm or stimulate depending on the needs of the situation. Helps with decision making, focus, and creating new ideas. Instills a sense of acceptance and hopefulness. Dispels anger, fear, anxiety, sadness. Feel calm and collected when you wear this stone!


Apatite is excellent at clearing away guilt and confusion, showing you your inner truths. Recognize your strengths and weaknesses without judgment. Apatite helps you to connect authentically with others, helping you to come out of hiding and release aloofness. Apatite aids you in releasing what is outworn in your life. Apatite sharpens the intellect and shows you that you have much to offer, clear away deception and teach the truth of what you know. You are meant to be in service to others with your wisdom and knowledge. Do not hide your gifts! This stone will clarify and deepen your intuition and perception of the more subtle energies of the physical world. Apatite clears away apathy and sorrow making way for the inner-self to shine forth in truth and light!

Aura Quartz (Green)

Fumed with precious metals, the iridescent sheen on aura quartz crystals is excellent in raising vibrations. Green Aura Quartz is associated with the heart chakra and abundance and will boost these areas of your life. Cultivate more heart mind coherence with this stone which will help you move in the direction of your heart’s desires. Moving from the heart space (instead of ego), you will naturally create more abundance and genuine love in your life! Learn to fill your own cup up and move from a place of authenticity and compassion. This stone is excellent in growing heart centered awareness in a balanced way with yourself and others. Use this stone to boost feelings of peace, harmony, and self-love. No matter where you go in life, feel loved and at home in your heart!

Aura Quartz (Purple)

Bathe in the energy of the pure violet flame! Purple Aura Quartz is associated with the violet flame which is a purifying energy that cleanses and burns away negativity, strengthens the aura and reenergizes the body, mind, and spirit. This crystal is connected to the crown chakra and will help you see spirit in all things and connect with your higher self and higher perspectives. A happy crystal, Purple Aura Quartz vibrates at a high level, helping one to connect with their higher self and the angelic realms. This crystal will amplify prayers and wishes as well as feelings of peace, happiness, tranquility and gratitude. Feel the love within and nurture all parts of the self in order to realize your wholeness. Raise your vibration gently but effectively with Purple Aura Quartz!

Aura Quartz (Sunshine)

A drop of sunshine to carry around with you as a reminder that everything is going to be okay! This crystal brings healing of past traumas and pierces through anxiety, bringing rays of warming positivity into a gloomy heart. This stone is excellent to connect, reenergize, and heal the Solar Plexus chakra (self-worth), and Sacral Chakra (seat of emotions). This stone energizes the cells within the body helping heal physical ailments, alleviate chronic pain in the physical body and chronic negative thoughts in the mental body. This is a stone of detox; Sunshine Aura Quartz will cleanse and clear out what no longer serves to help raise vibration and to feel more whole and clean. Brings balance, warmth, and wholeness. Stimulates lethargy and sparks joy.

Aventurine (Green)

Green Aventurine is a stone of abundance, healing, and heart-harmony.Green Aventurine is best worn near the heart as it brings harmony and vitality to the wearer. This stone brings balance to your healing experience. It grants courage to do the necessary work required for healing on all levels. Helps dislodge limiting beliefs so that abundance can flow in! Green Aventurine is very good for diffusing toxicity and hostility with internal and external environments. Green Aventurine aids in abundance of creativity and positive perception. Calms anger and irritation, protects from energy suckers whilst bringing calm and ease. A balancing comfort stone that promotes a strong and healthy prosperous heart centered life!


A powerful, protective, revitalizing, grounding, energizing, and healing stone. This stone will help you find what is causing energy loss in your life and boost your courage to take hold and make necessary changes. Be empowered through dispelling confusion and acting in the present moment. Bloodstone is excellent for detoxing the body and connecting deeply with intuition and creativity not just in art, but also in all parts of life. Bloodstone is excellent for bolstering your energy and protecting against negative people and entities. Revitalize your mental and physical body and assisting with new circumstances. Reduces irritability, aggression and impatience. Bloodstone brings spirituality into everyday life.

Blue Lace Agate

Like easing into a soothing pool of water, Blue Lace Agate is a super stone for relieving and melting away any anxiety, stress, anger, frustration, and tension. Excellent for relaxing the mental body from over-worry and over-thinking.

Encourages self-expression and is very gentle in doing so. If you struggle with speaking up, or with boundaries, or are too fiery and can come off too strong, Blue Lace Agate will bring the perfect balance to all forms of communication.

Free yourself from fear of judgment and allow yourself to be your authentic self. Stay calm, have peace, be grounded in the lovely energy of this stone to help bring clarity to all communication and social situations.

Bumblebee Jasper

Energy, Motivation, Power! Manifest the impossible with this stone! Stone of confidence, self-esteem strongly molding passion and purpose together to unfold your destiny! Helps dissolve blockages, see new opportunities in order to start achieving goals with zest and vivacity! A valuable helper, a catalyst stone for change for your highest good to help make your dreams come true! Increase adventure, and your power to overcome obstacles and receive inspiration for new ideas. Stimulates courage, assertiveness, endurance, concentration. An antidote for fear and anxiety! There are toxic components to this stone including sulfur and arsenic. This stone has been sealed for your protection. DO NOT PUT IN MOUTH OR WEAR IN WATER.

Calcite (Blue)

Blue Calcite removes stagnant energy and is extremely beneficial to wear if you are feeling stuck! Blue calcite is associated with the throat chakra and will speed up your ability to speak your truth helping you express yourself easily. This stone will connect and harmonize the mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies. It will boost your memory and calm the mind in order to think clearly. Blue Calcite alleviates stress and worry, replacing it with serenity. It is very good for motivation, combating laziness and lethargy. Blue Calcite aids the soul to return to the body after trauma or stress and helps alleviate depression. With this stone you will become energized on all levels!

Calcite (Honey)

Honey Calcite with its golden warming effect will deeply nourish and energize the body, rooting and connecting down with mother earth. The deeper your roots, the taller you can grow! A stone to help with motivation and accomplishment, helping you to push to the finish line. An amplifier of good energy, it will cleanse the energy within the body and the environment, clearing out stagnation, accelerating growth and healing! Sometimes the hardest part is just starting, Honey Calcite will help you! A stone of resiliency, it will revive hope and confidence. Use for reducing stress, stabilizing, enhancing self-trust and overcoming setbacks. Overcome depression, speed up spiritual development, dissolve problems, and maximize potential!

Calcite (Yellow)

Power up your solar plexus chakra and increase self-esteem with Yellow Calcite. All calcite is excellent in moving energy in a healthy direction. Yellow Calcite in particular is very nurturing, healing, and mood lifting. Increases flow of energy to break free of blockages and accelerate healing. This stone will help you overcome difficult life challenges. Nurture your spirit and understand with this stone what it means to truly honor yourself to nurture your power within. Yellow Calcite is brilliant with helping you feel safe, grounded and energized. Yellow Calcite will assist you in trying new things and going on adventures to discover your joy and passion. Uplift your mood, feel trust and support, energy amplification, and motivation.


Carnelian brings vitality and deep healing in the lower three chakra systems. Release fear, guilt and traumas from the past so that one can be fully anchored and grounded. From this balanced center, you can move forward with restored motivation, grace and wholeness. Carnelian brings acceptance of one’s self and the cycle of life by removing fear of death. Carnelian is an encouraging stone, promoting positive choices, removing apathy and restoring trust. Overcome negative conditioning with this stone! Carnelian is a deeply creative stone and will assist with getting in the flow of life. It improves analytical abilities, creativity clarity, and calming an over-active mind. A powerful protector against envy, rage, replacing negativity on all evels with a love for life!


You were drawn to this stone for a reason! This stone transforms melancholy into JOY!

Also excellent for absorbing negative energy and dissipating it, instilling a sense of benevolence and generosity to the self and others. A Stone of sister/brotherhood. Promotes good will and enhances group stability. Very good at removing hostility. I feel peace when I wear this stone. Eases self-doubt. Facilitates constructive inward reflection. Creates an open and enthusiastic persona. It absorbs and dissipates negative thoughts emotions.


You were ATTRACTED to this stone for a REASON! Energizing and powerful! Citrine is a soul cleanser and re-generator that will absorb, transmute, dissipate, and ground negative energy. Extremely protective stone, it will enliven the intuition, giving warning of danger so that action can be taken to protect oneself. Burst through a cloudy mind and feel POSITIVE, ABUNDANT and ENERGIZED when you wear this stone! Citrine is a stone of abundance and will teach you how to manifest abundance by truly nurturing the self, instilling joy in all corners of life! Encourages self-expression, confidence, generosity, and a healthy mindset. Removes self-destructive tendencies. Overcome depression/fears. Promotes optimism and

Clear Quartz

The Clear Quartz chose you! Not the other way around!

Clear Quartz is a master healer, all around perfect for any energy work! It is excellent to absorb, store, release, regulate, and unblock energy. Holding clear crystal quartz in your hand will double your bio magnetic field. Clear quartz generates electromagnetism and dispels static electricity. Clear quartz is easily programmable, able to store information. So tell this stone all your wants and wishes and it will help you to achieve them! Use to enhance, heal, cleanse, attract, or stabilize!

Crazy lace Agate

You were attracted to this necklace for a reason!


Would you like to laugh more in your life? Feel grounded and at peace? Then this stone is for you! The crazy lace agate stone is also known as the "happy lace agate" because this stone is known to bringing playfulness and joy to its wearer!

I feel light, grounded, and at ease when I wear this stone!

Supportive and encouraging, it gently washes over your aura with its steady energy vibrations. On top of it's energetic ability to uplift your mood, it is also excellent for: self-acceptance, confidence, balance, inner composure, focus, and decision making skills.

Dalmatian Jasper

Reconnects us with our fun, carefree, lighthearted, & playful side!

Aligns the chakras & aura. Brings wholeness.

Balances the yin & yang energies

Grounds the spirit & body. Absorbs negativity.

Brings courage, honesty, & patience.

Extremely soothing & supportive stone!

Stimulates imagination, child-like wonder!

Alleviates depression & negative thinking.

Helps break down barriers so one can move forward.

Cleansing, eliminates toxins from body, mind, spirit.

Sleep with this stone to stave off nightmares & stimulate dream recall.

Promotes happiness, joy, positivity, & playfulness!

Jasper is a slow & steady healer so wear often!


A stone of great integrity, patience and inspiration. Enhances unity by bringing balance to partnerships and friendships. Enhances unconditional love, patience, and forgiveness. A heart opening stone, it is excellent to wear as a necklace in order to feel it's calming effects on the emotions. This stone ensures equilibrium on all levels including physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Truly aids in bringing positivity and eliminating negativity. Emerald brings mental clarity; it is a royal stone believed to bring protection and boost psychic gifts. Enhance deep inner knowing with this stone, promotes truth, discernment as well as eloquent expression of wisdom. Excellent abundance, growth, cooperation, and mutual understanding on all levels!

Fancy Jasper

Fancy Jasper is an intensely gentle and nurturing stone. With the deep and wholesome healing powers of Mother Earth, Fancy Jasper will ground and keep you steady during times of disruption, change, stress, frustration, or fear. Fancy Jasper is a gentle reminder to slow down and take time to organize in order to move efficiently and smoothly through life. This stone will align you and bolster your emotional health, bringing forth genuine courage and strength. Experience a sense of well-being and joy with this stone. Fancy Jasper is used for shamanic journeying and dream recall, as it is immensely protective on the astral plane. Helps with calming an overactive mind and increases concentration. Brings feelings of wholeness.


Feldspar is an excellent stone to aid in coping with the ever-changing ebb and flow of life.

This stone will help dissolve pessimism allowing joy and light to enter from the inside out!

Increases self-esteem, self-love, self-care, and creativity. Feldspar opens us up to seeing creative and unconventional ways to reach our goals and getting unstuck. A very supportive stone ready to help us to nurture ourselves and our gifts.

A powerfully feminine stone, we all contain the feminine aspect within whether we are male or female. The feminine aspect is about taking the time to rest in the fertile stillness to allow the deeper wisdom of the universe to work within us. With feminine wisdom, we can take fully empowered action!


Fluorite is excellent at cleansing and stabilizing energy by drawing off negativity and stress. A highly protective stone, especially on a psychic level, helping the wearer shut down psychic attacks and to discern when external influences are at work. This stone will bring alignment and organization on all levels. Good for students to aid in study, focus, and retaining info. Fluorite helps to dissolve fixed patterns, behaviors. Increases dexterity and confidence. Helps soften narrow-mindedness, opening doors of opportunity. Fluorite grounds excess energy dissipating emotional trauma and is an excellent stone for focus and clarity. Fluorite is excellent for focusing energy in people with ADHD or ADD as well as with overactive children.

Golden Healer

Golden Healer Quartz is known as a master healer crystal because of its profound power to rejuvenate and nourish the entire body’s systems and clear away toxic and unwanted energies. It has an exceptionally high vibration that manifests happiness and fulfilment in life. Golden Healer Quartz will fill your aura with golden healing light that significantly raises vibrations. It is a master balancer, cleanser, and energizer of all chakras and masculine and feminine energies. This crystal is often used by Reiki practitioners or other energy workers such as massage therapists, acupuncturists, tarot readers, etc. This crystal will realign and pour rejuvenating forces into your life to attain a firm foundation of physical, spiritual, emotional, and mental wellbeing.

Hawk's Eye

Hawk’s Eye stone is excellent for raising your vibration as well as keep you grounded. This stone is of higher and broader perspective. It will help you gain clarity to move through feeling stuck. This stone reduces nervousness, enhances courage, as well as decision-making. It is a stone for speaking truth in a balanced way. This stone will connect you to your personal higher power and to honesty on all levels. This stone is a lucky stone and is excellent with career opportunities. Hawk’s Eye enhances intuition while keeping you strong. It is a protective stone that will ward off negativity of all kinds. Hawk’s Eye helps to balance the inner and outer world, bringing forth truth, insight, courage, and communication to move forward in the direction of your highest timeline!

Herkimer Diamond

The most powerful energy amplifier in all of the crystal kingdom! Herkimer Diamond is excellent in bringing clarity and amplification to all energy types. It will increase good energy to multiply and create abundance in your life as well as increase the potency and power of other crystals. Herkimer can amplify negative thoughts, feelings, and situations so that they may be seen, blessed, and dissolved. Combine Herkimer Diamond with Moldavite for powerful transformation energy!

Howlite (Blue-dyed)

Blue dyed Howlite is a stone that has all the properties of Howlite with the added healing benefit of the color blue and its color therapy properties. Howlite and the color blue both share similar properties in that they carry the frequency of selflessness, calm, patience, and innocence. The color blue is also associated with the throat chakra which is all about openly and peacefully speaking your inner truth. Howlite will calm the nerves, ease anxiety, and dispel anger. It will also help dispel other people’s anger directed towards you. Blue Howlite is excellent for anyone who has racing thoughts and is very good for children, especially if they are hyperactive. Blue Howlite can help aid in getting restful sleep and having peaceful dreams.


Jade is a stone of abundance, balance, and luck! Learn how to give and receive with Jade. Wearing this stone will show you how to open to the flow of the universe. Jade is a stone for deep peace, balance, and strength. It will encourage you to become your authentic self. Increasing love, purity and serenity. This is an extremely lucky stone! Promotes friendship, healthy body, mind, as well as keeping you safe from harm. Jade enhances dreams and soothes nightmares. An excellent stone for both children and adults. Jade will help clear out negativity allowing peace to take its place, and will help ward off evil entities, spirits, and energy. Feel at home in your heart space with Jade. Boost flow with business and money with Jade. I am open to receiving, generosity and gratitude!

Kambaba Jasper

An ancient stone that is deeply in tune with the earth, it will get you back on track with your natural cycles and biorhythms which will heal and comfort you on all levels. A stone of nourishment, it will restore balance and calm a troubled mind by releasing persistent negative thoughts. A heart healer, this stone gently stimulates the heart chakra to promote self-love and encourages one to receive love. This stone will protect you as you soften to its gentle healing powers. Kambaba will help you recieve money and abundance! It will open you to ancient wisdom and connect you with your ancestors that are ready to help guide you through this lifetime by granting depth in understanding deeper processes and cycles as well as clear deep negative karma.


kyanite, the highway to all things deep! Very calming & tranquil stone

perfect for those who want to speak their truth in a compassionate and understanding way. Powerful transmitter of higher frequencies, grounding them to this earthly plane.

Kyanite clears all chakra points, clearing the pathway for flow of subtle energies in the body. Kyanite never needs to be cleansed because it does not hold on to negativity. Stimulates higher mind. Helps cut through fear, ignorance, confusion, illusion, anger, frustration, stress. Opens one up to self- expression, spirit, & truth. Perfect to have with you when posting on the internet or communicating through email.


This stone mends holes in the auric field by forming a protective bubble around you which helps in banishing fears, other people's projections, insecurities, disappointments, as well as strengthens faith, trust, understanding, and perseverance during times of change. Labradorite aids in taking your power back and setting healthy boundaries. Labradorite is a stone of depth. It contains information from other worlds, past lives, and esoteric knowledge. Labradorite is excellent no matter where you’re at on your spiritual journey as it raises consciousness. It stimulate intuition, psychic gifts, and keep the spiritual energies grounded. Synchronicities are enhanced, Labradorite brings the unconscious mind to the surface to be understood.

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli is a stone of ancient royalty that brings enormous clarity, serenity, balance, and harmony to the mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual bodies. This stone was used by queens and kings to support authentic leadership. Aids in a balanced approach to step fully into personal power and take charge in an authentic way! A protective stone shielding from psychic attack. A stone for inner vision, clearing depression, instilling purpose, and awakening deep inner-knowing. Encourages awareness, clarity of self-expression, honesty, integrity, uprightness, and compassion. A truly powerful stone stimulating objectivity, creativity, and higher faculties of the mind! Encourages healthy relationships of all kinds by aiding genuine expression of self.

Leopard Skin Jasper

Leopard skin Jasper helps to reduce insecurities which will in turn help you feel safer and more secure. This is excellent for those who love to explore, travel, or need help with confidence and self-trust. A stone for artists, it encourages honesty with the self and to release self-doubt. This stone will help you to listen to your inner-voice and encourages healing of emotions and toxic thought patterns/belief systems. Leopard skin Jasper will gently yet powerfully encourage you to fulfill your goals and dreams in a grounded balanced way. This stone is excellent in dissolving fear, insomnia, emotional stress, guilt, digestive issues, as well as aiding the physical body to heal. Recognize your strengths and talents and enhance your creative visualization with this stone!


Moonstone connects strongly to the intuition in order to harness wisdom within. A very balancing stone, it helps regulate emotional energy. This stone is excellent for women or for people who are sensitive. This stone will help you to open up to taking action based on intuition, which will increase synchronicities and divine timing. Helps to calm hyperactive children, regulates digestion and fluids in the body. A soothing stone it ease stress and improves emotional intelligence! Moonstone is a very soothing stone and will aid you in healing any emotional wounds or trauma. Moonstone connects you to your natural body cycles, with the cycles of mother earth, and sister moon. Moonstone is magical and will bring that spark of magic into everyday life!

Mother of Pearl

Mother Of Pearl is a shell that carries calming and soothing energy. If you are attracted to this stone,Mother of Pearl calls you to its healing powers! Be open to receive love and blessings with this shell! It will strength your self-care and love as well as strengthens teeth and bones. Mother Of Pearl energy is perfect for sensitive souls and children. It will strengthen intuition and creativity, while also aid in self-expression and protection against negativity and hurtful emotions. It is excellent in smoothing stressful emotions and helps you go with the flow in the many changes of life. A shell that brings sweetness and kinship to help you feel like you belong, because you do! Your value and worth is innate.

Opal (Pink)

A POWERFUL heart healer stone! Gentle and nurturing, this stone will bring tranquility and love into your life.

VERY Calming and soothing to the emotional body.

Promotes feelings of being centered.

An excellent stone for children.

Emotional balance, emotional healing, and gentle resolutions. Going through a heartbreak? This stone will help! Struggling with depression? This stone will help! Gently encourages us to let love in, heals the aura with fuzzy warmth and pink love.

Stimulates creativity and originality.

Strengthens the will to live!

I am ready to begin the healing of my heart!

Picture Jasper

Earth mother speaks through this stone. Learn from her wisdom. Dive deep into the rich soils of your soul. Soften your gaze and look within the stone's depths, for each stone is unique. Wisdom can be found within the patterns and landscapes of this earthy stone as well as in your own hidden layers. Allow hidden feelings to arise, once they have been property acknowledged, they can be seen for the valuable lessons they contain. This allows room for peace and transformation! This is the power of Picture Jasper! It will aid you by providing comfort, stability, and compassion as you transform. Picture Jasper helps sooth fears, creating balance by instilling a sense of harmony with thoughts, feelings, and awareness as you undergo a deepening of your soul.

Zebra Jasper (Brown)

Any stone with dark and light colors is said to bring balance and harmony. This includes the wonderful Brown Zebra Jasper stone! Every living being has some degree of both masculine (doing), and feminine (being) aspects of the self. This stone will help to bring balance to both. It will help you to overcome apathy in order to get stuff done while also remembering to take breaks, enjoy your surroundings, and breath! So that your efficiency and balance between work/play will be maximized like a boss! This stone will help you see past illusions to stay free and clear of those people, places, and situations that would do you harm. Stay grounded while you shoot for the stars! This is a stone that dares you to dream

Triumph brilliantly with the Brown Zebra Jasper stone!

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