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  • What can I order as a custom order?
    Custom Orders can be done on just about anything! go to Contacts page on website or Direct Message via social media to contact artist directly for your custom order questions!
  • How much do custom orders cost?
    Base custom orders for jewelry start at $40 and will range in price depending on price of stone, materials, and complexity of piece. All other custom order prices vary greatly and will need to be discussed with the artist
  • Can I pay for my jewelry to be repaired?
    Yes! Most all jewelry other than fine jewelry (fine settings) can be repaired! The base pay for repairs is $20 Depending on complexity, materials, and time needed for repairs, the price will vary.
  • Where is your Etsy?
    Right here!
  • Can I buy the same items from your website on Etsy?
  • Why are your prices on Etsy more expensive than your website?
    Etsy has many fees that cost more to keep my shop open over there than my own personal website. For the best deals, always check my website first!
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