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The Brand: Dreaming Druid

Based out of my art studio in Boise, Idaho, the brand Dreaming Druid contains the multi-faceted works of art hand-crafted and designed by me the artist, Charity Rose!

Dreaming Druid represents creativity at its core. Creativity has the power to connect through spirit. It is through spirit that we are able to connect authentically and deeply with all things.

We all have the power to be creative and to connect with spirit in whatever field of choice!

Here is my dream, to shine the light of the soul, our conscious awareness on the deepest truths within. To connect, to love, to grow, to awaken our deepest truth by bring healing jewelry and works of art from my soul to yours in the most awesome and authentic way!

This is what fuels my inspiration, this is at the core of all of Dreaming Druid products.


The Brand paragraph

The Artist:
Charity Rose

I am a full-time artist, I can't help but be creative in all that I do! I choose to forge my own path and live authentically from the heart, and help others do the same! 

Creativity is the intelligent flow of the universe, I simply get into that flow and let the universe do its work on me.

 I use intuition to guide me into that delicious creative flow!

I love to enjoy the little things, filling my mind and heart with gratitude and love for all the tiny little miracles that can be found anywhere! On most days, you can find me in the studio working with my hands, reading, writing, or being out in nature and playing with my beloved pets!

Life wasn't always this beautiful, there was A LOT of suffering, pain, and toxicity all along my journey before life brought me to a more awakened state of being. I am not perfect but I choose to ask a lot of questions, learning and growing with compassion.

That tenacity and persistence to never lose touch with my dreams and the goodness of my heart saved my life. I am living proof that it is possible to life your dreams and change your life for the better. <3 


I love to be a vessel, a conduit for spirit in healing and connection with all that I do. We all have this gift, we all have the capability to reach beyond our mental identity and ego to touch people's souls with our truest essence of being. 

Become a fan of authenticity, joy, and true soul connection! Join me on this mission to connect deeply, heal truthfully, and build a world where we truly learn to love, to live in harmony with nature and to truly nurture one another!


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The Artist paragraph
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