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What makes our jewelry and art here at Dreaming Druid unique and healing for the soul?

The process as I work with each piece, is to set my mind, body, and spirit with the energy and intention of bringing joy and healing to not only myself as I work with each piece but also to those who find themselves in possession of one of my pieces.

My favorite thing to work with is stones and crystals.

I carry these crystals with me for a time, getting to know them and using their healing properties on a psychosomatic level and a real energetic level to benefit my own life and the lives around me.

Some crystals I give away, some I return to the earth, and some get wrapped into a beautiful piece of healing jewelry just for you! Whether you feel the energy of stones or not, DON’T WORRY! You will benefit just from wearing these pieces regardless. Every life is precious and deserves to be surrounded with love and compassion!


About Our Leather


Ever since being a child, and still to this day, I love to play outside exploring the woods, mountains, deserts, bodies of water and all the places of nature! 

I am deeply Inspired by the outdoors, my design is in tandem with the inspiration I gleen from Mother Nature herself. I use as many earthy materials as sustainably possible, especially found or recycled materials in the products I create.

Everything fundamentally is energy vibrating at different frequencies. I believe that the more we as humans pour love, joy, clarity, and compassion into what we do, we can heal the world one piece at a time.

The pieces you find here are energetically of a high vibrational quality that will bring healing to you, your life, and anyone you gift them to.

This is what sets my work apart!



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